SURVIMUS II - Net survival in multiple sclerosis patients in France - Emmanuelle Leray, project start: 2016


Net survival is defined as the survival which might occur if all risks of dying from other causes than the disease of interest, here multiple sclerosis (MS), were removed. It is estimated from “excess mortality” that isobtained as the difference between the overall mortality observed in the MS population and the overall expected mortality in the general population. The advantage of this approach, which does not require the information about the cause of death, is to take into account mortality indirectly related to MS, which cannot be achieved in the cause- specific setting.

The first objective of the SURVIMUS II study is to describe the dynamic of the excess mortality rate (because of MS) according to the time since MS clinical onset and to estimate long term net survival in a large series of MS patients in France. The second objective is to estimate the crude probabilities of death due to MS and due to other causes, according to the time since MS clinical onset.

To answer the objectives, a retrospective cohort design will be used, including all the patients from the 20 centres from the OFSEP database, with a definite or probable diagnosis of MS, and MS clinical onset between 1960 and 2015. Death is the outcome of interest. End-of-study date is the 1st January 2016, and vital status will be known through linkage to the national death register.

The SURVIMUS II study will give accurate estimates of net survival in a large cohort of French MS patients, and help understanding the dynamic of excess mortality, with the distinction of deaths linked to MS and the other ones. Through a partnership between OFSEP coordinating centre, EHESP in Rennes and department of biostatistics in Hospices Civils de Lyon, it will offer the opportunity to extend findings from the SURVIMUS study.



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