Atypical Multiple Sclerosis. A multicentric study - Pierre Labauge, project start: 2016


This study was published in 2019

MS criteria are well known, based on Mcdonald criteria 2010. MAGNIMS group (2016) proposed new MS ctriteria. MS diagnosis is based on  inflammatory central nervous system (CNS)  involvement (clinical relapses, inflammatory reaction on CSF study and inflammatory lesions on MR exam). Some inflammatory CNS diseases are more and more recognized, but without fulfilling MS criteria. 

Since 2007, the team conducted a nationwide study including all MS centers to identify patients with white matter diseases without any diagnosis.  More than 800 files have been submitted. The preliminary part of the study allowed them  to propose a classification of atypical MS: cavitary forms, tumoral demyelinating lesions, MS with normal MR, Leukodystrophy like MS.