Administration council

The Foundation sets up concrete means at the service of research, in France and abroad. It is now run by a Board of Directors, whose prestigious members come from the world of research, hospitals and civil society in general.


Armelle Dion
HCL, Ex officio member
Murielle Malbezin
Qualified personality
Sandra Vukusic
President, College of Founders
Laure Colliex
Qualified personality
Jean-Marc Léger
Qualified personality
René de Veron de la Combe
Treasurer, Qualified Personality
Michel Clanet
Secretary, College of Founders

Gilles Salles
HCL, Ex officio member

Jean-Michel Vallat
Qualified personality

Marie-Françoise Belin
College of Founders



3 major activities

Contribute to the improvement of care and living conditions for patients

Promote the development of medical knowledge about multiple sclerosis

Promote training and research in this field

Actions to advance research, usefully and concretely



« Its missions are focused on promoting the tools essential for epidemiological research in MS. It provides financial support for the structuring and organisation of French centres, with a view to improving national cooperation in MS research and treatment » - Marie-Françoise BELIN, Research Director Inserm, Administrator of the EDMUS Foundation.

«The Foundation's activities make it possible to collect data on the disease, share them with doctors and organise OFSEP meetings to publicise the work of MS specialists » - René de VERON de la COMBE, Treasurer, Administrator of the EDMUS Foundation.



The team



Claire Rigaud-Bully

Claire Rigaud-Bully is the Executive Director of the Foundation; she is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Foundation's activities and their development. After a career at the CNRS, she has been working for more than ten years in the field of foundations dedicated to medical research.

Véronique Millot

Véronique Millot is the Foundation's assistant; she organizes the meetings of the governance bodies, manages the calls for projects and ensures all the missions of the Foundation's administrative and accounting secretariat; she did worked for many years with Professor Confavreux.

Romain Casey

Holding a doctorate in epidemiology, Romain Casey has several experiences as an epidemiologist, biostatistician and computer scientist; he is responsible for the OFSEP cohorts. Romain Casey coordinates OFSEP's data collection and management activities as well as the development of the EDMUS Platform. He also participates in the analysis of OFSEP data and in the evaluation of scientific projects submitted to OFSEP. His responsibility also includes regulation process relating to OFSEP cohorts.

Carine Cheval

Carine Cheval, computer scientist, has been the Foundation's Information Technology specialist for several years; She also ensures the integration, development and support of the EDMUS software for OFSEP participating centres and participates in the development of the future IT platform; she also manages the Foundation's website.