Circulation of IFN/ microRNA signatures and T cell microRNA signatures as candidate biomarkers in multiple sclerosis - Frédérique Michel , 2018  


Type I Interferonbis commonly prescribed as first-line therapyof relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RR-MS). Yet recent studies have associated a 'type I IFN signature' with some autoimmune diseases, inflammation and chronic immune activation. It is therefore necessary to better define the boundary of the therapeutic and damaging effects of type I IFNand to investigate new disease biomarkers candidates.

Objectives are to evaluate whether IFNand IFNmeasured in plasma and CSF correlate with disease progression and relapse episodes and determine microRNA signatures of resting CD4+and CD8+T cell subsets, and the impact of IFNbon T cell receptor (TCR)-activated CD4+ T cells in patients with a high disease score.