A cohort is a population of subjects who meet a given definition and are monitored over time. The Edmus system highlighted the existence of the multiple sclerosis cohort, which is now the largest in the world in this field. 


The OFSEP cohort

The OFSEP cohort is the first cohort constituted by OFSEP. Today, it includes 70,704 patients followed in 36 clinical centres in France. Any patient with MS or a related disease managed by an OFSEP participating neurologist may be included in the OFSEP cohort if they give their consent.

The clinical data that must be collected on a routine basis is limited to the data in the OFSEP minimal form (OMF). These data, defined by the experts in the clinical group, relate to the description of patients, their diseases and their therapeutic management.


The HD cohort


The HD cohort was created in 2017. It consists of 2043 patients and increases by 150 new patients each month. The objective of this cohort is to systematically and annually monitor some of the patients included in the OFSEP "mother cohort" by enriching the data already collected with additional clinical, quality of life and lifestyle data.

The knowledge generated by this project will be used, from a stratified medicine perspective, to create specific prognostic tools to improve patient care, including the decision to initiate, maintain or adapt care.