A bold and ambitious Foundation: an atypical positioning


The Eugène Devic EDMUS Foundation, involved and committed to research,
creates a logistical infrastructure for the collection of MS data at the national level. It brings together French and foreign neurologists, computer scientists, mathematicians, epidemiologists and clinicians in this approach.

It is recognized as a public utility (decree dated April 19, 2010)
in particular for the analysis and monitoring tools it has put in place: OFSEP and the EDMUS software.


A non profit foundation
its activities are conducted in a spirit of neutrality and independence and therefore medical and scientific objectivity.

Its unique and bold approach
aims to bring together many researchers and specialists in complete independence, by offering them, via the EDMUS software, a complete database.

It is now evolving towardsa platform offering new possibilities for EDMUS.


"The Foundation brings together leading figures in MS research. It allowed the sharing of information that was not shared. She was able to inspire confidence so that the participants agreed to share the information gathered" - Bernard SINOU, Institut Mérieux, Former administrator of the EDMUS Foundation.