EDMUS software 


 French patients with registered MS, about half of all French patients. 


Makes it possible to store and exchange information between doctors for research and international cooperation.


It facilitates medical practice since the relevant elements of the file are quickly identified.


 The EDMUS software "European Database for Multiple Sclerosis"

Developed in the 1990s under the auspices of ALYRENE, the Foundation's prefiguration association, the EDMUS software was developed in the framework of a consultation of European MS experts. It is now the largest patient database in the world. The software is a particularly powerful tool that helps to track the records of MS patients (clinical, paraclinical, history, treatment data).


Unique and unifying assets

It allows the use of a common language recognized (standardized SEP nomenclature) and accepted by experts for the description of the disease and the computerization of this information in a shared database.




The EDMUS platform


A secure national platform will in the future allow real-time linking of clinical data collected with EDMUS, MRIs and sample tracking data that are independently managed today.

This platform will be soon available to facilitate clinical research (better duplicate management, facilitated multi-criteria research, etc.) but also to improve daily patient care by allowing neurologists to easily access all their patients' information regardless of where or when the data were collected. This platform is currently being conceptualized.




Retrouvez toutes les informations sur le logiciel EDMUS sur le site : www.edmus.org